The Alpaca, whose scientific name is Lama Pacos, is the most numerous of the four south american camelid species. With a population of approximately 4 million in Peru, representing 75% of the world's alpacas, they provide the main sustenance for thousands of families living in the higher parts of the Andes.

Alpacas measure between 1,20 and 1,50 meters in height (4 to 5 ft) and weigh between 45 and 79 kilograms (99 to 174 lb).

There are two varieties of alpaca: the Huacayo and the Suri. The Huacayo is the more numerous type in Peru, and represents 93% of the alpaca population. Its fiber is relatively short, crimped, dense, and bulky; it covers almost the entire body, leaving exposed only the face and feet, which are covered with short fur. The Suri Alpaca has straight, silky hair which is long and exceptionally lustrous.

Alpaca is a truly a unique and sustainable fiber and at Inca Tops we are privileged to be in contact with the whole production chain each and every day.

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