Through our experimental station for scientific research on the genetic improvement of alpacas called Pacomarca, we have established, among others, the recovery and selection of Alpaca in its many and natural expressions of color, in particular color black.  For us this series of products represent, in addition to years of work, also the synthesis of a dream, the maximum expression of our land through the color of our animals; and that is why we have decided to call this unique color palette SHADES OF ANDES and we have given each color a name that carries with it a history... a piece of our history.


Like the White of the Salt from the suggestive Maras Saline, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Valle Sagrado.


The Raw White volcanic stone that makes Arequipa, the "White City" shine, with which the buildings of its historic center were built.


It is the color par excellence that defines the richness of the Alpaca, obtained with an arduous selection and research.


It is a Brown Shade that takes inspiration from the famous Peruvian Cocoa, an endemic species of South American which center of origin is located at the east of the Andes, in the region between the Caquetá, Putumayo, and Napo river basins, tributaries of the Amazon River.


As the color of the Coffee, another of the Peruvian riches that is grown at the eastern side of the Andes mountain range, in a climate zone known as the "High Forest" or "Rain Forrest"


It is the flagship of the unique palette of our natural colors called “Black Alpaka” included in the “SHADE OF THE ANDES” as natural colours.  We are proud to mention that our scientific station Pacomarca has the largest population of black alpacas.


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