Playing with the different Structures

Venture into the enchanted forest, explore this surprising place step by step, with its colorful trees with scale-like barks, find out what the castle holds in the heart of the bush. You will meet colored butterflies and magical objects hidden in the tangle of vegetation, among the plants with colored leaves and a strange shape ... and many symbols. Find them! You will need them to open the castle door, unlock its secrets and allow you to continue your adventure and uncover the secret of this group of yarns with a subtle color palette, made up of soothing neutrals, muted colors medium, earthy animated color accents, and dark colors from a bright and deep light.

Medium yarns, easy to work, perfect volume, it is one of the weights that you can play with the different structures and number of garments: air jets, flame, cables, etc. It is a very social and inclusive type of yarn weight. Widely used for sweaters and accessories.
It is the weight of the most popular yarn in the whole community of hand knitters; it the group with the widest variety of yarns.


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