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The Chameleon is an extraordinary animal with surprising abilities, a sort of curious and very eccentric little dragon. His 'undulatory' gait, enigmatic expression, prehensile tail, very long and infallible tongue in the grip, and above all his extraordinary ability to blend in, make this little guy an absolute wonder of nature. These two friends of ours who we surprised in the vegetation this time instead of camouflaging themselves in nature, as usual,  have decided to use their ability to change color to give themselves a sporty demeanor as if they had the brightly colored uniforms and designs of two teams. This reminds us of the colors of this group: strong but sophisticated colors to be used also in contrasts, medium neutral colors tough, and dark but vivid colors that together make an indispensable palette.

The thinner yarns, but not the thinnest in hand knitting; this yarn classification has more punctual markets, like accessories, socks, washable garments, baby garments, etc. One of the most popular fibers of this group is the superwash wool, it avoids shrinking and is easy to wash; most of all for people that do not have time or have kids; so, they prefer washing in machine. We can find in this category as well a lot of yarns for socks, for a lot of people that want to knit their socks by hand.

  • swatch AMPI 80% Suri Alpaca 20% Pima Cotton
  • swatch ILLA 20% Super Kid Mohair 20% Mulberry Silk 60% Superwash Wool (21.5 mic)
  • swatch MUNAY 80% Superwash Wool (19.5 mic) 20% Mulberry Silk
  • swatch URQU - WOOLEN SPUN 40% Superfine Alpaca 60% Merino Wool (21.5 mic)
  • swatch ABI 75% Superwash wool (21.5 mic) 25% Polyamide
  • swatch KUKI 100% Superwash Wool (25.5 mic.)

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