The Hands of Love

The little pastel-colored house that stood to the east on the edge of the Enchanted Forest in "Neverland", always had outside in the garden, landlady-made colorful lace shawls. She was almost unknown because she was rarely seen outside and everyone said she was a Fairy. The lace shawls in the garden of the little house changed every day, always in different patterns and fantastic colors combined in perfect harmony. The shawls, as they were so beautiful, inspired happiness in all who saw and wore them and were said to have magical properties.
The story goes that the landlady, driven by need, discovered that the shawls she made with very fine yarns in beautiful colors harmoniously combined and with complicated knitting stitches, were well paid by the merchants who came from the East and who passed in the area with the purpose to buy them. So in a short time the magic shawls of the little Pastel House and their particular workmanship and colors, became famous throughout the "Neverland" and the desire to own one reached all the inhabitants of the "Other Lands" beyond the Enchanted Forest.

It is still said that the landlady of the Little Pastel House in Neverland still makes her shawls with magical colored yarns, which inspired the color palette of our group of yarns: delicate neutrals, light dreamy pastels, sophisticated sorbets, and medium colors. with an intense flavor ..
A magical palette for the labors of love waiting to become real through your hands.

The thinnest yarns that can be knit by hand; this is the kind of yarn that is more specifically for advanced knitters. In this category we find more luxury yarns in it majority; very finest yarns and the most expensive as well. In special the brushed yarn is the main representative in the fancy class. We find here also a lot of regular yarns with specific torsions, very balanced specification to get the perfect harmony that will be reflected in the garments knitted. It is used more in top garments.

  • swatch UNU 70% Baby Suri 30% Mulberry Silk
  • swatch AQU 75% Baby Suri 25% Mulberry Silk
  • swatch SULLA 80% Super Kid Mohair 20% Mulberry Silk
  • swatch YANI 100% Kid Mohair
  • swatch UYWA 80% Superwash Wool (21.5 mic) 10% Mulberry Silk 10% Yak
  • swatch CHIRI 100% Pima Cotton

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