A World of Color, painted by Hand

Waking up in a fantastic world colored with strokes, dots, shades. The Sea, the Sky, Nature, all with colors and techniques that you can decide by giving shape and color to your world as new one master of Contemporary Impressionism.

The dream comes true if you step into a world of color with Inca Tops be Spoke hand-dyeing and painting workshop.

We offer time-honored techniques, developed by hand, by our expert dyeing artisans.
Find your perfect hand-painted color palette with on-trend color direction and custom consulting on fiber and yarn development with our tailored services.

Looking for something truly unique? Let your imagination wander. We offer combined techniques and using a vast spectrum of innovative tools.

Inspired by the traditional dyeing techniques of the world, our color toolkit is all you need to start your creative color direction for your collection.


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