A creative Chunky-Bulky world

An adorable image of a happy family of African elephants at ease walking through the forest best introduces our Chunky / Bulky yarn group ...
The elephant is an animal that I have always liked ... perhaps because it is a good giant because it is one of the largest animals in the world, but despite its size it is peaceful with people. I love it and every time I see him I reflect on how fun nature is and I laugh when I see him rolling in the mud or splashing his back with water with his own trunk.
It is very tender the legend of this immense pachyderm that gets scared if he sees a mouse (is it true or is it just a legend?)
And the Elephant seemed to us, among the big animals, the one that could best represent our group of Chunky / Bulky Yarns for Hand Knitting.

Immerse yourself, like the elephant, in a forest of deep creativity and self-expression with our chunky yarns, bring with you a sense of wonder, awe and the freshness of pure creativity, these yarns welcome expressive and playful stitches that reflect the true light of nature managing to create a sense of instant gratification with heavy stitches and over-the-top textures. You can use them to make great accessories, but they can also be used to make great blankets and throws.

The color palette of this group is designed for the impact they will have in our space and how they can make it more charged with positive energy so we find a part of more and less warm neutrals for the easiest and thoughtless moments, pastel colors, strong desaturated and intense colours that brighten up our life.

  • swatch MUHU 100% Baby Alpaca
  • swatch JALSURI 71.5% BabyAlpaca 28.5% Merino Wool (19 mic.)
  • swatch KAZE 80% Merino Wool (21.5 mic) 20% Super Kid Mohair
  • swatch RUNA 40% Superfine Alpaca 20% Merino Wool ( 21.5 mic) 40% Bamboo
  • swatch SIMI 62% Baby Alpaca 6% Merino Wool (21.5 mic.) 10% Acrylic 5% Viscose 17% Polyamide
  • swatch KALLMA 100% Wool (24.5 mic)
  • swatch SINCHI 100% Wool (24.5 mic)
  • swatch JULI 87% Wool 13% Viscose

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