A Blank Canvas to play with

A flock of flamingos lying along the river is the magic image that reminds us of this group of yarns and their characteristics.
The Flamingo walks in the shallows with a slow and sinuous gait. It never lands on trees. It takes off by taking a long run on the water. It is an elegant animal with a soft plumage with a particular characteristic that brings it closer to our fantasy world, making it the worthy ambassador of this group of yarns: the color of its livery depends on the quantity of ingested micro-crustaceans and as if by magic it can vary from white to more or less intense pink. And it is from these small crustaceans that the Flamingos obtain the carotenoids, that is the pigments that give the feathers their characteristic color.

Blank Yarns is our collection specially developed with hand dyeing in mind, we source the yarns, you dye it.
We call it Blank Yarn because it is exactly that, a blank canvas to play with, which everyone can manipulate and dye with their own unique color stamp.
The shades of hand-dyed yarn are something we know. In fact, we are experts and that is why we have best prepared this base for your personal Colour Palette.

Sourcing the finest fibers in unique blends in order to offer dyers a range of options to excite and inspire.
Our collection is an exclusive look at the world of hand dyeing in its most luxurious and playful form.

  • swatch MUHU 100% Baby Alpaca
  • swatch ALPAWOOL LIGHT 60% Baby Alpaca 40% Merino Wool (21.5 mic.)
  • swatch AUQUA 75% Superwash Wool (21.5 mic) 25% Polyamide
  • swatch MUYUNA 100% Superwash Wool (25 mic.)
  • swatch ALPALOOP 5 89% Superfine Alpaca 11% Polyamide
  • swatch TIYARIK 74% Suri Alpaca 22% Merino Wool (21.5 mic.) 4% Polyamide
  • swatch PUJPU LIGHT 70% Baby Alpaca 7% Merino Wool (21.5 mic) 23% Polyamide
  • swatch LULU 89% Superfine Alpaca 11% Polyamide
  • swatch UMAYO 50% Wool 50% Tencel
  • swatch SANI 40% Baby Alpaca 50% Merino Wool (21.5 mic.) 10% Yak
  • swatch MAYUA 80% Superwash Wool (19.5 mic) 10% Mulberry Silk 10% Cashmere
  • swatch ILLAPU 88% Superwash Wool (21.5 mic.) 12% Lurex
  • swatch MUSYA 70% Superwash Wool (21.5 mic) 10% Cashmere 20% Polyamide
  • swatch TUKTU 100% Pima Cotton
  • swatch MISMI 52% Wool (24.5 mic.) 27% Silk 21% Linen
  • swatch MORO 42% Superfine Alpaca 40% Wool (24.5 mic) 18% Hemp

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