Sustainability for INCA TOPS

Aug, 2020


We can say that sustainability for INCA TOPS is something natural, genetic, which flows through the veins of the whole INCA GROUP.
It starts from the lifestyle of the Alpaca animal, from how it moves in the environment respecting it: Alpacas are kind to the land, they do not damage it during grazing, do not use land or water for food production. 
Alpacas help us save energy with their natural color shades, with the less use of water in the process of washing their fiber and fewer chemicals and energy than is necessary for other animal fibers.



We can find the same essential and gentle perspective in the approach that INCA TOPS has in its business model, with their employees within the company, in commercial relations with customers, in the philosophy, creation, and production of the product, in the careful use of the resources of the materials used and of the people who participate in the whole process.



All this reflects and respects the powerful nature of Peru, the Andes, Arequipa where sustainability is a historical element, a natural socio-ecological process.

And it is with this legacy that INCA TOPS works every day in every action, even the slightest, for a sustainable development that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs.

And it's for all this that wearing Alpaca has a deeper meaning. It means sharing a belief and a purpose. It means living more consciously

Stay Tuned, Our adventure will continue soon…


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