Shade of the Andes

Sep, 2021

Every time I visit Peru, for me it is not only a business and pleasure trip but also a journey into the soul.

For those like me who have been working for many years in contact with the textile product, from the material to its realization up to its communication, can only appreciate and be pervaded by the expressive power of the Alpaca fiber that embodies all the strength of the Andes.

At Riccardo Rami Studio we have always committed to work by choosing the "sincerity" of products, people, places, and skills in our Partners. And we have found all of this at the highest levels of expression by working with the Inca Group and Inca Tops.

The SHADES OF ANDES project is the synthesis of these principles and represents the firm commitment of the Inca Group to rescue the natural colors of the Alpaca. This project embodies history, craftsmanship, technology, and contemporaneity at the same time. But above all, it contains very important ingredients for the hybrid times we are experiencing: sincerity, consistency, and genuine strength that does not betray and that pour into the final product.

Grupo Inca through its experimental station for scientific research on the genetic improvement of Alpacas called Pacomarca worked on the recovery and selection of the Alpaca in its multiple and natural expressions of color was established. In addition to years of work, this research represents the synthesis of a dream and the maximum expression of the Peruvian land through the color of its animals.

Hence the decision to call this unique color palette SHADES OF THE ANDES where each color has a name that carries with it a piece of the history of this land.

WHITE SALINE: Like the white salt of the suggestive Maras Saline, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Valle Sagrado.


SILLAR: The Raw White volcanic stone that makes Arequipa, the "White City" shine. With which the buildings of its historic center were built.

FAWN: The color par excellence defines the richness of Alpaca, obtained with an arduous selection and research. 

COCOA: it is a brown shade as the famous Peruvian cocoa, an endemic species of South America whose center of origin is located east of the Andes, in the region between the basins of the Caquetá, Putumayo, and Napo rivers, tributaries of the Amazon River. 

COFFEE: Like the Color of Coffee, another of the Peruvian riches that is grown on the eastern side of the Andes, in a climatic zone known as the "High Forest" or "Rain Forest"

BLACK: It is the flagship of this unique palette of Natural Colors, "Black Alpaca" or "Yanapaco" (black alpaca in the Quechua language) developed, like all the rest of the Natural Colors SHADE OF THE ANDES, in our station Pacomarca scientific site where the largest population of pure black alpacas in the world are found on a ranch.

An important note that closes the circle and adds strength to the project is that all SHADE OF THE ANDES colors have Oeko Tex class 1 certification for undyed colors.


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