Traceable Alpaca

Aug, 2021

For Inca Tops, traceability involves more than simply knowing where the fiber originated.  

Traceable Alpaca is an effort aimed at consolidating our position as a sustainable WORLD LEADING textile company.

Traceable Alpaca has its origins at the very heart of our industry, beginning with our close collaboration with alpaca producers in the most remote regions of the Peruvian Andes. For more than 5,000 years, countless generations of people have devoted their lives to this noble activity. This is the greatest example of sustainability!   

Pacomarca, our experimental center for the improvement of alpaca, has enabled us to develop direct relationships with many alpaca producers, Distinguishing us from the rest of the industry. 

How does this procedure benefit the alpaca breeders? 

Dealing is direct, without the participation of any intermediary. This enables a relationship of trust to be forged between the alpaca producer and Pacomarca through the provision of technical support which improves production and generates an enhanced income for the farmer.

How can we certify this procedure?

We first designed a tracing system for alpaca fiber, right from its place of origin through to its reception by our customers. Once this tracing process had been consolidated, we presented it to one of the world’s most prestigious certifying bodies, SGS, for a complete audit. 

This certification makes us the first textile company in the world to offer traceable batches of alpaca - Traceable Alpaca - right from its point of origin, with a transparent process audited by an internationally recognized certifying body.  


How many batches of Traceable Alpaca does Inca Tops produce?

Traceable batches of alpaca with an SGS certificate are limited in number at the moment. However, we feel very confident that, thanks to your help and support, larger quantities will become available in the future. 



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