From the Farm to the Customer

Jul, 2020

This phrase contains the philosophy, the mission and the business model of Inca Tops. A complex system of fair and correct use of resources, always committed to research and create, respecting people’s interaction as well as the correct management of resources.  It also represents the desire to be closer to the customer with contemporary means to shorten all distances without too many intermediaries.

The project, that was ready to be released even before the arrival of Covid-19, finds its natural place in this moment of transition, where the good intentions of the old system have undergone a strong acceleration and will soon bring us into what will be a new reality: a new Paradigma, in which what we need is the good actions and no longer the good proposals.

We will soon find ourselves in a new reality, in which the business model, lifestyle, and the Inca Tops’ philosophy, pursued along the years, will be one of the new points of reference.




This way of life starts in Pacomarca, a magic place in the Andes, which represents a real sustainable alpaca Network, where the respect and caring for animals is primordial.  Consequently, the beauty that these animals provide, reaches the industrial plants of Inca Tops where the final product is obtained as yarn, after the correct treatment of the fiber,  to be used in the Textile industry (knitwear, hand knitting and flat knitting finishing products).

All the people starting from the Designers, the Engineers, the Technicians up to the specialized Workers, manage the whole process in harmony with nature to enhance at each step what will become the final product. This is a process that goes beyond the technique, the sustainability, the traceability, the marketing, the algorithms .. this is a LIFE-FOR-LIFE Project.

The topics we will touch on this journey are: 

SUSTAINABILITY, TRACEABILITY, NATURAL COLORS, and the exclusive Stock Service system called ESSENTIALS, with a wide choice of regular and fantasy yarns and a range of colors designed to facilitate the work of customers and designers who can access any time at this "Yarns Mine", mostly created by thinking about the various local economies.

This adventure will continue soon…


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