Who We Are

Sep, 2020

Where do we come from? Who we are? Where do we go?

Perhaps our mission is to find the reason why for each one of us in this world. It is a challenging quest, in which time serves as the canvas for the lifestyle we want to follow.

In “Grupo Inca”, we have spent more than 60 years trying to understand and define our philosophy of life, which we have called Alpaca is a Lifestyle, in honor of the Peruvian Alpaca: the source of inspiration that drives us to be better each day.

For the Peruvian breeders who live far away from modern life raising alpacas means preserving a remnant of ancient history. For us, it is keeping history alive and making it every day our reason for being.

Through our experimental station for scientific research on the genetic improvement of alpacas called Pacomarca, we have established, among others, the recovery and selection of Alpaca in its many and natural expressions of color, in particular black. But this is another story that we will be able to deepen in the near future...

Nowadays, in a world concerned about the environment and its sustainability we are sure that Inca Tops with its philosophy inspired by Alpaca and its value chain, can be an opportunity of knowledge and a point of reference for a contemporary lifestyle model.

And it is by reflecting on who we are and where we come from that we want to give you an appointment with another of our stories, leaving you with the words, today more contemporary than ever, of our founder Francis O. Patthey: "Remember to always put passion into your life"

The story continue...


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