Oct, 2019

Sustainability is a basic part of business development and at Inca Tops we are aware of this.  This is why we work with renewable energy in order to establish ourselves as a socially responsible sustainable business, all within a framework of profitability that enables us to maintain and improve our presence in the market.  With this concept in mind, we implemented the solar-panel project which has led to our being able to offer our markets the first alpaca and blended tops and yarns produced using solar energy.   

This project was conceived in 2011 when we began building our ecological processing plant in Zamácola; the first stage consisted of relocating the processes of sorting, scouring and combing the fiber.   In 2013 we started up operations at the new plant and in that same year took the decision to implement the solar-panel project for our alpaca-scouring process; a considerable improvement in efficiency was achieved and, above all, in a sustainable way. 

The alpaca fiber purchased in the Peruvian Andes usually contains impurities such as soil and vegetable matter which must be removed in the scouring process. We used to use fossil fuels to heat the water for this process. 

After looking at some very eco-friendly options, we decided to invest approximately 700 thousand USD in the installation of solar panels with a view to using solar energy to produce tops, the starting material for the production of our yarns. 

This investment has enabled us to deploy 1200 solar panels, equivalent to a total area of 2400 square meters for the collection of solar energy.  In virtue of the project’s implementation, between 2014 and 2018 we have avoided the emission to the natural environment of 2576 metric tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the amount absorbed by 1227 hectares of forest in one year.  

We have a firm commitment to sustainability; this success story encourages us to continue striving to improve our processes and to seek new alternatives that enable us to maintain our position as a leading eco-friendly textile company with socially responsible community awareness.



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