Oct, 2016

With the aim of creating more green areas and raising awareness among the population with regard to environmental problems in the city of Arequipa, the Ecological Patrol held its third annual Ecological Marathon. The event attracted more than 1200 runners, whose participation led to the obtaining of approximately 3200 new trees. 

At this year's event, the Eco-Runners concept was proposed, seeking to make each participant an agent for change, involving the citizens in the work of improving the natural environment through sporting activities. As has become customary, the event was cheerfully supported by a wide-ranging public: entire families, companions from school or university, workmates, and groups of friends all willing to run the 7,5 km for the cause. And is that the Ecological Marathon does not seek to be an event of high competition sports but rather an opportunity to contribute to society, to share with friends and to overcome personal challenges.

Staff members of the Grupo Inca were enthusiastic participants in the Marathon and won in the businesses category, with more than 300 runners taking part in the event. We wish to thank all those runners from Incalpaca and Inca Tops for having earned more than 800 trees for the city; these trees will be planted by the Ecological Patrol.


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