Feb, 2020

In 2020, Inca Tops presents again “El Quintal del Inca.” It is more than just a competition; it is a celebration of the millennial heritage that symbolizes the raising of alpacas. It also serves to recognize the work of alpaca producers who dedicate their lives to this important work. The top award for the competition is a fully equipped ecological dwelling for shepherds that work in high altitude conditions. It was given the name of “The Herdsman’s Cottage.”

This competition invites all alpaca producers to show their best white fiber fleeces which are of the huacayo type. These are received in quintals. (1 quintal is the equivalent of 46 kilograms.) The producers also show individual black fiber fleeces. The fiber that the producers show are purchased at the best prices in the market and are analyzed carefully according to diverse characteristics such as fineness, density, and cleanliness among others. These characteristics are given a weighted value that goes towards the final score. The fiber that obtains the highest score takes the top award. 

The award ceremony takes place at the Pacomarca ranch with a celebratory environment where the different awards are given. “El Quintal Del Inca” is an event that celebrates and values the alpaca tradition that continues today. 

Bases: https://www.incatops.com/static/pdf/bases_concurso_qq_inca_2020.pdf (Spanish)

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