Jan, 2016

Last November, the ISETAN store in Tokyo presented the Natural Black Alpaca Collection, an extraordinary assembly of garments and accessories made in Peru entirely from undyed Baby alpaca. 

With the brand names CHALIE VICE and THE INOUE BROTHERS, owned respectively by ISETAN and the promoters of this project, the collection presented on the iconic eighth floor of the Tokyo shop became part of THE GALLERY, an exclusive display of the most sophisticated garments and objects from all over the world. 

The Natural Black Alpaca Collection is the result of close collaboration between the Danish firm The Inoue Brothers and Pacomarca, the GRUPO INCA'S centre for alpaca research and genetic improvement, which is owned by Inca Tops S.A. 

At this centre, where support is provided for Peruvian Andean alpaca herdsmen with modest production, one of the several projects under way is an innovative programme for the recovery of pure-black alpacas. The number of these animals has diminished enormously in recent decades, reaching the point where only a few thousand specimens remain. At the most recent Alpaca Fiesta held in Arequipa, Pacomarca promoted the establishment of a special prize for the best breeder of pure-black alpacas. 

The yarns used in the manufacture of this collection were carefully spun by Inca Tops SA after a special and extensive selection of fibre gathered from locations scattered throughout the Peruvian Andes. 

The outstanding garments and fine-quality accessories were made by Incalpaca TPX exclusively for its customer The Inoue Brothers. The painstaking process included lengthy and complex hand finishing to endow the clothes, comprising cardigans, pullovers, scarves and hats, with a very fine texture that provides a wonderful complement to the intense black colour and amazing natural lustre. 


The YANAPACO (black alpaca) programme being carried out by Inca Tops SA at Pacomarca seeks to produce specimens of pure colour with a view to helping the Andean small-scale alpaca herdsmen to breed more animals of this classic colour which always has a place in international fashion. Both Inca Tops SA and Incalpaca TPX make every effort to promote this initiative that seeks ultimately to reappraise this fascinating product and to continue the production of textiles of extraordinary quality while improving the incomes of the modest alpaca breeders in the Peruvian mountains. 

SEE VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/147577511



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