Sep, 2019

In Inca Tops we are really proud to be part of the “Black Alpaca” or “Yanapaco” program (black alpaca in Quechua language) which actively seeks to promote the raising of pure black alpacas. In recent years there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of black alpaca specimens in the Peruvian Andes. Its population today only represents less than 1% of the total alpacas that exist in Peru. This sustainable project is being developed at Pacomarca, a scientific experimental station that belongs to the textile division of the Inca Group dedicated to the genetic improvement of alpaca. Important scientific research is carried out in Pacomarca, they work along with the alpaca breeders in order to obtain a black alpaca fiber that is unique in its color and fineness. In addition, Pacomarca has the largest population of black alpacas worldwide, with approximately 700 pure black alpacas in a single ranch.

The black alpaca fiber is obtained directly from the alpaca producers, then the fiber is selected in our farm and after that it is converted into beautiful yarns. The sale of all products from the black alpaca fiber allows the Inca Group to continue supporting its scientific research programs, as well as giving support to the different alpaca producers in the areas of influence of Pacomarca.

What makes the alpaca fiber an important input for the fashion industry is its intense natural black color, fineness and softness. These features let us get a beautiful yarn that does not go through absolutely any dyeing process avoiding water consumption and CO2 emissions which makes it a fiber that follows the new trend of sustainable fashion that later can be embodied in unique and valuable garments.

In Inca Tops, we have been developing with great success the production of alpaca tops and yarns with the best quality in the world for over 50 years. We offer alpaca, wool and cotton yarns and tops, as well as special blends of other noble fibers which are produced for machine knitting and hand knitting. We are really proud to contribute to the development and progress of the alpaca industry which benefits thousands of families, small businesses and our society.

More about Inca Tops https://www.incatops.com/en/ourstory/ourgenes/history/


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