Be part of the Traceable Alpaca Community

Nov, 2021

The journey we’ve made to reach our Traceable Alpaca certification has taken many years. Working on the improvement of our processes is part of the company’s purpose.  It’s in its DNA to make constant improvements and enhance added value, working responsibly with communities and other stakeholders. 
What does it mean to have the Pacomarca Experimental Center?  
Pacomarca is the heart of our alpaca-farming activities; beyond its being a center for scientific investigation and the improvement of the breeding sector of alpaca farming, it serves as a bridge that enables sustainable relationships to be developed with the communities of alpaca farmers through the exchange of knowledge, thus creating value in the alpaca sector from the beginning.   

What technology was implemented in order to achieve certification?  
More than state-of-the-art technology, we promulgated the good practices that our industry employs regarding the processes of control and traceability of production back to the very start of the chain.  With the help of young professionals, we were able to make our tracking system effective right back to the origin of the fiber; by means of a QR code, access is obtained to information on the geolocation of the producer, transportation, sorting, scouring, combing, spinning and the final destination of the fiber batch.  

What does SGS provide?  
SGS provides the security for our process, guaranteeing all our customers (our Traceable Alpaca community) the authenticity and strict process control we’ve developed in order to identify a location, provide a name, a photograph, to put them in touch with the origin and manufacturing processes of the product they have in their hands and which they will continue to process into fabrics and garments.  This will give a sense of belonging to the final users and enable them to become part of the TRACEABLE ALPACA COMMUNITY of INCA TOPS.  


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