Dec, 2014

The Alpaca Fiesta 2014 took place in the Cerro Juli Conventions Centre after a seven-year interval, and was an enormous success. 

More than 60 exhibitors from Peru's alpaca-producing regions closed business deals for a total of 18 million USD with purchasers from three continents, comfortably surpassing the target of 15 million USD. 

The Peruvian Minister of Tourism and Foreign Trade, Magali Silva, visited the fair and presented PromPer "Alpaca of Peru" to position the fine fiber in the most select markets in the world, in addition to that Alpaca Fiesta exceeded all expectations: The business wheels were a resounding success and connected to more than 200 international visitors and 12 international media.

In addition to the fair, different events were held throughout the week: 

  • Fashion Show in Yanque - Colca
  • Exhibition of photos of Mario Testino (Alta Moda) in Plaza San Francisco
  • Fashion Parade of the main brands in Los Cloisters of La Compañía, where renowned Peruvian designers and brands such as Meche Correa, José Miguel Valdivia and Kuna showed the national and international public the best of their creativity.
  • Cultural Night in the Monastery of Santa Catalina


It should be noted that in total 39 Alpaca communities attended with their animals (more than 900 alpacas) to the contests of the fair. 

Peru being the main supplier of Alpaca fiber can be considered this animal as one of our main attractions.


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